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What is Earth-Kind®?

Earth-Kind® Landscaping combines the best of traditional and organic gardening methods and landscaping principles to create a system based on environmental responsibility and real world effectiveness.  Developed by Texas A&M University, this program offers guidance on ways to improve your current landscaping and gardening practices so that our environment can be protected for generations to come. 


  • Landscape water conservation
  • Reduction of pesticide and fertilizer use
  • Energy conservation through proper landscape design
  • Reduction of landscape wastes entering landfills

Resources for an Earth-Kind Landscape

Individuals using Earth-Kind landscaping principles and practices can create beautiful, easy-care landscapes, while conserving and protecting natural resources and the environment.  Here are some areas to get you started or you can visit the Earth-Kind Landscaping website.

Black and white blueprint drawing of a landscape plan

Landscape Planning

By following Earth-Kind principles you can design a landscape that is beautiful, easy to maintain and reduces the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Large pink flowers with brown centers

Plant Selection

Search the Earth-Kind approved database to select plants based on factors such as height, width, flower color, sun or shade, bloom period, leaf character, as well as several other matching criteria.

A sprinkler head spraying water

Water & Irrigation

Caring for your landscape in North Texas involves using water in a responsible and effective manner.  Here you can find some help and guidance to keep your plants looking their best.

A shady garden area

Resources & Publications

These publications from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension cover the essentials of Earth-Kind landscaping practices ranging from design considerations to irrigation.

Take the Earth-Kind Challenge

Does your landscape contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment?