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Chasing Away the Winter Blues

As the weather gets colder and we start putting our gardens to bed for the winter, I’m sure some of us feel a twinge of sadness. For years, I found myself longing for my garden time and had an unfulfilled desire to provide nutritious homegrown food for my family through the winter months.

Fortunately, I discovered a remedy to my winter veggie blues — homegrown microgreens!  

Growing Potatoes in North Texas

Question of the month: I would like to grow potatoes this spring. Can you give me pointers on how to grow them in north Texas?

Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden – Part 2

November Question of the month: I have heard you can have a fall and winter vegetable garden here in Texas. Can you help get me started?

This article is a follow up article from October’s question of the month. In the October article I wrote about fall vegetable gardening. I touched on the summer (every season actually) cutdown of spent vegetables, amending the soil, choosing vegetables for fall planting, average frost dates, and how to protect vegetables in freezing temperatures. Before reading this article, I recommend rereading October's article.

Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden

October Question of the Month:

I have heard you can have a fall and winter vegetable garden here in Texas. Can you help get me started?

We are fortunate in Texas because our fall and winter seasons are “generally” mild. And because of that, we can grow vegetables all year round


Choosing the Right Plants

Need to replace some frozen plants? Texas A&M AgriLife has put together a “Top 100 Plants for North Texas” list to help. 

Fertilizing Your Vegetable Garden

There are several different approaches to fertilizing your vegetable garden. Let’s see what the research now shows…

Farming on Patios and Balconies

What's needed to grow vegetables in small spaces?

Starting a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Having a vegetable garden in the backyard can be a great activity for the family.  Learn about plants, soil, insects and weather, and how they all interact together.

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