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No-Till Gardening For Vegetable Gardens

Unlock the secrets of no-till gardening to nurture healthier veggies with less effort. This guide offers a glimpse into a more sustainable, organic gardening future.

What Exactly Is A Keyhole Garden Anyway?

Explore the fascinating world of keyhole gardens, an innovative solution to gardening in challenging conditions. Discover how this unique design conserves water, enriches soil, and maximizes space.

Plant, Plan, and Prep: Fall/Winter Inspiration for the Garden

Brace for a possibly icy winter and find joy in year-round gardening with smart preparations and adopting sustainable practices for a verdant landscape, even in the chills!

Getting Along with Wicked Plants

Explore the world of plants not wicked by nature but equipped with phytotoxins for defense. Understanding them dispels fear and highlights their essential role in ecosystems and potential benefits to humans.

Earth-Kind Landscaping: Proven Practices For Eco-Friendly Gardens

Explore Earth-Kind® Landscaping, a science-backed gardening initiative focused on environmental stewardship. Learn about CCMGA's award-winning research gardens using Earth-Kind and how to adopt these sustainable practices in your own backyard.


Dreams Amidst Summer Heat: Fall Planning & Planting

Embrace the anticipation of sowing the seeds of an enchanting autumn garden as we indulge in visions of the vibrant fall plantings that await us.

Made In The Shade: Grow A Shadow-Happy Garden

Embrace the Cooling Canopy: Unleash the hidden potential of your shaded haven with our gardening magic and turn wasted spaces into flourishing paradises!

Pool It! Let Your Landscape Make A Splash

Dive into an enchanting world where water elements and vibrant plant life create a serene and inviting atmosphere. Uncover the beauty of ornamental grasses, captivating blooms, and lush foliage that will transform your pool area into a breathtaking retreat.

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Water-Wise Gardening

Water restrictions have become the norm, so choosing plants that can survive with minimal irrigation is essential. From drought-tolerant perennials and annuals to stunning trees and shrubs, countless options attract pollinators and add color to your garden. Learn the top research-proven favorites and get expert tips on soil amendment, group planting, mulching, and more.

Doing Your Part: Drop By Drop

As the population in Collin County continues to grow, the strain on our water supply becomes increasingly apparent. In this article, discover practical steps residents and businesses can take to conserve water without sacrificing their landscapes or facing soaring water bills. From selecting drought-tolerant plants to implementing efficient irrigation systems, learn how you can become a steward of our finite water resources.

Microclimates: Think Like a Plant

The Japanese maple near my front door was flaunting its brilliant scarlet leaves last fall when a neighbor stopped to admire it and to tell a tale of woe: She had lost a Japanese maple — one for which she had paid more than $1,000.

12 Reasons to Hire an Arborist and Protect Your Valuable Trees

Without regular care a tree can change from a valuable resource to a costly burden. That is why the skills of a professional arborist are required for many tree issues.

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