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Spotlight on CCMGA Projects

By Tara Roberts, CCMGA Class of 2021

Welcome to our new "Spotlight On" series for 2023! Have you ever wondered: what exactly is a Master Gardener and what do they do? Let us lead you on a journey around Collin County as we shine a monthly spotlight on many of our community outreach gardens and projects right here in your own backyard. 

Find out what we do and where you can experience the numerous gardens throughout Collin County while seeing Master Gardener volunteer efforts bloom to life in 2023. We will showcase our award-winning gardens at Myers Park in McKinney, which include: annual and perennial beds, a children's garden, shade garden, grape vineyard, vegetable and potager (kitchen) gardens and much more. We will also spotlight our garden projects in Allen, Plano and Prosper, along with other community outreach projects such as educational seminars, horticultural therapy and Ask The Master Gardener booths held throughout the year.

The Collin County Master Gardeners Association is more than just 300+ skilled gardeners. We are a highly trained educational and volunteer organization affiliated with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of the Texas A&M University system. The rigorous 12-week Master Gardener training program designed and overseen by AgriLife educates and prepares our members to be ambassadors for the community. The Master Gardener program enables us opportunities to share our knowledge with our fellow residents and community members. In addition, we share research-based information to help others learn best practices for successful gardening in our area. Beyond our individual love and passion for gardening, we are committed to passing our knowledge to our community and spreading the love of gardening to everyone in Collin County and beyond through our volunteer efforts. 

Follow along each month as we highlight various projects and gardens. You will find out where to learn more about gardening in North Texas by visiting our beautiful gardens or attending one of our educational events or booths. We hope you will walk away with the confidence to plant or improve your garden or with ideas for new plants or gardening techniques as we share our knowledge and love of gardening with all of you. 

See you next month as we begin our tour with our international award-winning gardens at Myers Park!


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