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The Philosophical Gardener: Falling for Autumn

Falling for Autumn

By: Maureen Miller, The Philosophical Gardener

Maybe it’s because I was a fall-born baby, I don’t know but autumn is my favorite season. After a long hot summer, the cooler temperatures and the last hurrah of bursting colors capture me every year. I probably shouldn’t even drive in autumn because, like the dog and the squirrel I am so easily captivated by the exquisite show from nature. 

What was lush, shades of green and looked like a ribbon along the sidewalks, now has a mature rebel popping out here and there. Soak it in because it is a flash show. Even from day to day it changes. More leaves drop to reveal the scaffolding of the branches and the true identity of the tree. Like the deciduous trees, it is a time for us to also adjust and prepare for winter. 

It is time for warm foods, hot spiced drinks, long sleeves, flannels and soft scarves swaddling our necks. Our homes begin to transition in preparation for the fall season; patio furniture is stowed, BBQs cleaned for the season. The gardens get a blanket of mulch for the impending winter chill and there will be a final pass of the mower before it too is put up for a winter rest.

Like in life, we all have seasons, each with their own colors and meaning. Accepting the rhythms, going with the flow and knowing that it is a cycle enriches our souls. In recent years, I have come to appreciate even more this infinite circle. 

What will you do this fall?  How will you look at this transitional season? Is it the end of summer frolicking or is it the beginning of a time of rest and renewal in the winter?

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