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The Philosophical Gardener: The Joy of Bulbs

The Joy of Bulbs

By: Maureen Miller, The Philosophical Gardener

Sssshhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone, but I am a lazy gardener. If I don’t get my plants deadheaded, or for that matter even pulled out before they fade, wilt, bolt and get crisp in the Texas sun, I declare that I am “seed saving”. Yes. That is why my garden isn’t perfect. We will go with that.

Up until a couple of years ago I had never planted bulbs. After working at the Collin County Master Gardener Bulb Sale, I thought, OK, why not? I bought a selection with varying heights and a wide range of bloom times.

When I planted them, I did pay attention to height but completely ignored the precise spacing.  Instead, I bunched them 1-2 per hole and, covered them up and forgot about them. That was three years ago. This is a winner for the lazy gardener who desires the maximum floral bang for the gardening effort buck.

Oh, my word.  BEST. PLANTS. EVER!  Bulbs are “once and done” for the most part and mine have been very healthy. They come back year after year. Each fall you can divide them to double your harvest next spring.  Besides, there seems to be something blooming all the time.

As a cutting flower they are impressive. Not only are their colors bold, but their size is also often as big as a bread plate and they last!  When I pick stems that contain both open flowers and buds, I can go two weeks with these brilliant beauties in my home. Some also offer that sweet, flowery fragrance that catches your attention when you walk in the room.

So, if you haven’t planted bulbs, support CCMGA and order some today through Brent & Becky's Bloomin' Bucks program at: If you already have bulbs, well, buy some more! In my recently formed opinion, one can never have enough bulbs!

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