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The Mystery and Magic of a Secret Garden

Mystery and magic…. those are the words that come to mind when thinking about a secret garden.

Choosing the Right Plants

Need to replace some frozen plants? Texas A&M AgriLife has put together a “Top 100 Plants for North Texas” list to help. 

Dealing with Freeze Damage on Plants – March 1, 2021 UPDATE

It will take weeks or months to know the extent of the damage to our plants, if or when, they start to resprout and what part of the plant resprouts...

Factors affecting cold injury in perennial landscape plants

The record-breaking cold temperature, during the third week in February 2021, potentially caused cold injury to a number of plant species in North Texas. 

Fertilizing Your Vegetable Garden

There are several different approaches to fertilizing your vegetable garden. Let’s see what the research now shows…

Farming on Patios and Balconies

What's needed to grow vegetables in small spaces?

Starting a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Having a vegetable garden in the backyard can be a great activity for the family.  Learn about plants, soil, insects and weather, and how they all interact together.

Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Do you have a space you just don’t know what to do with? Why not create an attractive and environmentally beneficial wildlife garden?