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Have Yourself A Merry Little Holiday: Keep It Simple And Green

Revamp your holiday traditions with sustainable practices. Enjoy local produce, natural decor, and meaningful gifts that cherish the planet.

Gardening Resolutions 2024

Embark on a greener journey in 2024 with eco-friendly gardening resolutions. Save water, grow your food, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Spotlight On: Horticulture Therapy

Experience the healing touch of gardening with the Collin County Master Gardeners' Horticulture Therapy. Uncover how nature crafts and activities uplift spirits and bond communities.

Poinsettias to Pothos: Picking Holiday Plants

Discover the perfect holiday plants to elevate your décor. Dive in with Dawn Oldfield's guide to festive flora, from timeless favorites to unexpected twists. Safety tips included!

Cold Weather, Warm Pages: Winter Reading

Embrace winter with insightful gardening reads! Dive into a blend of gardening techniques, history, and philosophy. Explore, learn, and cultivate your green thumb even in the chilliest months.

Spotlight on the Potager Garden at Myers Park

Explore the rich history and stunning design of the Potager Garden at Myers Park, a harmonious blend of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs grown for both culinary and medicinal uses.

Plant, Plan, and Prep: Fall/Winter Inspiration for the Garden

Brace for a possibly icy winter and find joy in year-round gardening with smart preparations and adopting sustainable practices for a verdant landscape, even in the chills!

Getting Along with Wicked Plants

Explore the world of plants not wicked by nature but equipped with phytotoxins for defense. Understanding them dispels fear and highlights their essential role in ecosystems and potential benefits to humans.

Earth-Kind Landscaping: Proven Practices For Eco-Friendly Gardens

Explore Earth-Kind® Landscaping, a science-backed gardening initiative focused on environmental stewardship. Learn about CCMGA's award-winning research gardens using Earth-Kind and how to adopt these sustainable practices in your own backyard.


Spotlight on School Gardens

Delve into how Collin County Master Gardeners are transforming kids into future horticulturists through innovative school garden programs. Get inspired by these empowering, community-enriching green projects.

Dreams Amidst Summer Heat: Fall Planning & Planting

Embrace the anticipation of sowing the seeds of an enchanting autumn garden as we indulge in visions of the vibrant fall plantings that await us.

Spotlight On: Myers Park Shade Garden

Escape the summer heat and explore the beauty of Myers Park's shade garden. This serene oasis offers inspiration and various shade-loving plants to transform your shady spaces.