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Spotlight on . . . Janet Kirklen, Collin County Master Gardener and Webmaster

An article about Collin County Master Gardener and CCMGA Webmaster, Janet Kirklen

A Year of Extremes: The Earth-Kind Research and Demonstration Gardens at Myers Park 2021

There have been several extreme weather incidents at Myers Park this year. 

The Philosophical Gardener: Falling for Autumn

Maybe it’s because I was a fall-born baby, I don’t know but autumn is my favorite season. 

Surviving the Winter Freeze at Prosper Gardens

The Prosper Demonstration and Research Gardens, located at Rucker Elementary School and the nearby water tower at Craig and First Street, recovered nicely from the winter freeze with only nominal damage.

Compost: Black Gold for Gardening

Question of the month for August 2021: Compost or “black gold” as gardeners like to call it, is the product of nature's process of decomposition in the soil.

Spotlight on . . . Dawn Oldfield, Collin County Master Gardener

An article about Collin County Master Gardener and CCMGA Public Relations Chairperson, Dawn Oldfield.

The Philosophical Gardener: Sowing a New Crop of Gardeners

Recently, I had a young mother helping me rescue my garden from Snowmageddon 2021. She is interested in plants, animals and just being outside. She wanted to work with me but didn’t have anyone to care for her 5-year-old son, so of course I said, “Bring him along.”

Right plant, right place

Question of the Month for May 2021: My family has moved to north Texas from out of state. Can you give me some guidance on how to pick the right plants for my landscape?

The Mystery and Magic of a Secret Garden

Mystery and magic…. those are the words that come to mind when thinking about a secret garden.

Choosing the Right Plants

Need to replace some frozen plants? Texas A&M AgriLife has put together a “Top 100 Plants for North Texas” list to help. 

Dealing with Freeze Damage on Plants – March 1, 2021 UPDATE

It will take weeks or months to know the extent of the damage to our plants, if or when, they start to resprout and what part of the plant resprouts...

Factors affecting cold injury in perennial landscape plants

The record-breaking cold temperature, during the third week in February 2021, potentially caused cold injury to a number of plant species in North Texas.