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Youth Education

Kids and gardening go together like peanut butter and jelly.  

Children love the opportunity to play in the dirt and are delighted by flowers and bugs.  There is a natural curiosity about how nature works and children get genuinely excited about seeing things grow.  We like helping to plant the seed of the next generation of gardeners.

Youth Education has developed several presentations that are geared towards elementary and middle-school students. Our goal is to provide you and your students with a program that is tailored to best fit your learning environment. We can also offer additional customized topics to smaller groups such as Environmental Clubs.

Elementary Gardening Programs

Defenders of the Garden

Not all insects are pests. Most are friends of the gardener. This talk helps to identify insects that are helpful to the gardener. An insect workbook, craft activity, and insect scavenger hunt are included.


Students learn about butterflies, how to identify the stages of their life cycle, and what butterflies you are likely to see in North Texas. An “I Spy” component in the Power Point presentation keeps students engaged. If available, various caterpillars and chrysalis are shown to the children as well as a “butterfly nursery.” Outdoor activities and plantings can also be included.

Plant Pals

Students learn the plant parts, participate in planting seeds and create plant markers for their new plantings. Various produce are brought in for children to see, touch, and smell and learn that we eat not only the fruit of plants, but roots and leaves as well.

Gardening Programs for Older Youth

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening is the latest trend. This talk educates students about square foot gardening, shows different ways to create gardens and allows children to plant seeds. This presentation teaches students to be good stewards of their environment by stressing planting efficiency and water conservation.

Texas Wildflower and Lore

Children are introduced to the beauty and diversity of Texas wildflowers and learn of the folklore associated with certain plants. Students will use their cellphones to identify plants in a scavenger hunt. We work with you to find an appropriate walking location.

Please plan ahead and allow at least four weeks for scheduling your program, as all of our presentations involve either activities or crafts that require several volunteers. We also ask that if planting is involved, please provide the dirt and plants.


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