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Our Master Gardener program in Collin County is an educational and volunteer program affiliated with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of the Texas A&M University system.  

The over 300 members of the Collin County Master Gardeners Association (CCMGA) are citizens of the local community who not only take an active interest in their own lawns, trees, and gardens but also strive to promote sound horticultural practices in the community. Members receive invaluable training and continuing opportunities for education, then share their horticultural expertise through a wide variety of projects benefiting Collin County residents and organizations.

In 2020, Collin County Master Gardeners logged nearly 23,000 hours of volunteer service to the community — during the Covid-19 pandemic! CCMGA volunteers found creative ways to share horticulture information and education and connect to the public through our Information Center, online workshops and online classes. Even our annual training class was held virtually with Zoom!

In 2011, CCMGA was awarded Outstanding Texas Master Gardener Association for medium sized organizations. 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Collin County Master Gardeners Association to: Assist and support the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Horticulture Agent in providing our community with research-based information on sustainable horticultural practices and environmental stewardship.

Guiding Principles of CCMGA

  • Provide opportunities for advanced horticultural education to CCMGA members and the public.
  • Assist and support CCMGA interns and transferees in fulfilling their volunteer commitment to
    become certified Collin County Master Gardeners.
  • Strive to promote a sense of belonging within the organization. Listen to and value members and
    involve them according to their interests and skills.
  • Connect with our community and expand our outreach efforts.

The Collin County Master Gardeners Association is organized as a 501(3)(c) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  We have two fund-raising events each year: The Spring Plant Sale and our Fall Plant Sale.  Money raised from these events is used to purchase supplies and fund educational programs and activities that we offer to the community. 

Please explore our Community Service section of the site to see all the ways we help the gardeners in our community.


  • President - Barron Bozeman
  • Vice President - Carol Davis
  • Program Director - Liesl Friesenhahn
  • Administration Director - 
  • Membership Director - Susan Blakey
  • Treasurer - Lynn Garcia
  • Secretary - Suzanne Stirnweis
  • Immediate Past President* - Edie Fife
  • Advocate* - Francisco Almaguer
  • Advocate* - Patricia Busch-Kennedy
  • Advocate* - Judy McGrath
  • Advocate* - Catherine Seive
  • Advocate* - Fran Hunt
*Advisors/Non-Voting Members

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